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Build the business of your wildest dreams  

Build the business of your wildest dreams

With courses, community, and a year of high-touch coaching, you'll finally take your wellness expertise and transition it into an online offering.

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Build the business of your wildest dreams  

Build the business of your wildest dreams

With courses, community, and a year of high-touch coaching, you'll finally take your wellness expertise and transition it into an online offering.

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It’s 100% possible to follow a clear, actionable plan that shows you how to design, create, market, and launch your unique online offering to the world. Through the Inner Circle, we’ve helped over 500 wellness businesses go from idea to a sustainable online business using our proven step-by-step path.

What if you never had to struggle to figure out your exact next step?

Ready to Transform the way you

"For years, people asked us to offer online classes so they could practice with their favorite teachers while on vacation, or traveling for work, or if they had sick kids at home. We just never could figure out how to do it."

— Jennifer

"I'm extremely grateful I found the Inner Circle."

We believe—with ALL of our hearts—that helping more people THRIVE, build financial independence, feel empowered, and to truly enjoy their lives while they’re serving others through their work—is CRITICAL to the future of our society.

It's all possible.


guess what...

The ONLY program that includes all of the training, support, and mentorship you need to create your dream online business.


The Inner Circle Experience

You can learn all the business strategies in the world, but you can't implement any of them with an unmanaged mind. Let us show you how to work on your thoughts so that they're driving massive action and not having you hiding, paralyzed, or procrastinating in your business.

Master Your Mindset


Building on what you’ve already created, we’re going to show you how to replicate and grow your revenue through successive launches. This is where your business starts to take off and you’re able to realize the concept of passive income. We share our specific techniques for using webinars and funnels to grow a seven-figure business.

Leverage Your Launches

Phase Three

A robust and growing email list is a must-have in online business. Your revenue will be directly proportional to the number of engaged email subscribers you have. (We even created a calculator for you to help you predict your income, based on your exact list-size.) We teach you the basics of list-building, including lead magnets, nurture sequences, and how social media fits into the picture. You’ll learn our top strategies for promoting your lead magnet and gaining new subscribers and can customize our plug-n-play templates to fit your own brand.

Grow Your Email List

Phase tw0

Launch and sell your first online offering to paying clients! Learn everything you need to know with our Beta Launch Lab course. Why spend hours switching between blog posts, podcast episodes, Instagram, Canva, and empty Google Docs trying to plan your launch, when you can leapfrog ahead of the competition with our proven system? Imagine creating a sales page that fills your program within days or sitting down with a cup of tea and writing out all of your launch emails in a single sitting with ease!

Launch Your First Offer

Phase One

Here's What You'll Accomplish


Serve a global audience with your teaching and transform more lives through your work.


Banish that imposter syndrome and self doubt + greet each day with confidence.


Build an audience of loyal fans who who are eager to sign up for your next program.


Make more money while working less.


Replace your in-person income with an online course, membership, or group coaching program.


Imagine what it will feel like when you...

How does this sound?

We're Jeni + Sandy, your new coaches.

We help wellness practitioners achieve REAL results in online business. We left our established careers in law and clinical practice to start our software company, Marvelous, and have helped thousands of yoga teachers and other wellness practitioners transition online.

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hey there!

Our Magic Formula

Your admission to our online business school with easy-to-understand and foundational video-based training.

This is your ticket to the most vibrant community for wellness-based business owners on the planet!

Each week, you’ll get your individual questions answered by Jeni, Sandy + our team of coaches.




"The Inner Circle has been the best investment in my journey as an online teacher. It was just what I needed to get moving in the right direction. I now feel equipped, empowered, and energized! Sandy & Jeni are the perfect guides to navigating the online space & are always available to share knowledge and give support! The best part is the community that I’ve built with other like-minded women on the same path. My only honest regret is not joining sooner."


real results

"If you're serious about bringing your business online, the Inner Circle is definitely the way to go! I joined a year ago and it's changed everything about my business."


real results

"The Inner Circle is like having a personalized MBA program, mastermind, and support group all wrapped into one. Everyone brings their unique business experience to the table and is so willing to share their #wins and #fabfails. It's a great place to test ideas, get feedback, and learn from really inspiring entrepreneurs."


real results

A year from now you
will have wished that you started today....

Join our coaching team each week for 90-minute deep focus sessions with your peers to help you stay accountable to your goals. You will also have 24/7 access to a private, quiet space online to connect with your colleagues, share tips and wins, ask for peer feedback, and stay inspired as you watch others achieve their BIG goals.


co-working + community

Our online business school with easy-to-understand and foundational video-based training on: online marketing, growing your social media following, launching, email list-building, and more.

Courses include: Foundations of Online Business, Beta Launch Lab, The List Lab, Leveraged Launches, Membership Marvelous, Think With Intention, Social Media Marketing with Intention, Make Room for Magic, and Film School.

access to Soulful MBA business school


Join us each week as we live-coach our clients on business strategies and mindset. Your specific questions are answered and your mind is primed for taking massive action. In addition, our coaching team hosts critique calls each week for personal feedback on your work — including sales pages, email sequences, design reviews, launch plans—and anything else you need expert eyes on in your business!

HIGH-TOUCH coaching


Your inner circle experience includes:

You Get the Whole System

Our Inner Circle Experience unlike anything else out there—an online business school, an incubator, and a mastermind all wrapped up together. The whole is SO much greater than the sum of the parts. After a collective dozen years in online business, we’ve learned what works and what gets you stuck. We built the exact program that we WISH existed when we were first starting out.

You're strong + capable. But if you're anything like us, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You're in the right place.

Grab your seat today and get an annual studio plan to Marvelous for FREE!

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Marvelous gives you the space to create a delightful learning platform (without all the technical overwhelm). This will be your central hub for your online business, where you can:

Create your online courses, membership, or private coaching program.

Live-stream group yoga classes

Upload pre-recorded lessons, PDFs and audio files.

Work with your 1:1 coaching clients

Enroll in the Inner Circle and get this online teaching platform for FREE!



Your timing is impeccable.

Wellness 2.0 is here.

We've been at this for awhile... We're what the tech bros call "early adopters" and we started building our online teaching platform before it was considered even remotely trendy. A lot has changed over the past 5 years (heck, over the past 5 months), but one thing has become more and more clear—the Internet isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

There has truly never been a more perfect time to take your teaching online. We're seeing record growth with many of our clients and those who know how to use the Internet to build a business are at a HUGE advantage in 2021.

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Let's Make it Happen!


“I am so impressed with all that you offer through Inner Circle. I’m a foster mum to 3 babies under two, I’m also a social worker and yoga therapist desiring to help people heal through embodied practices. I’m so grateful for this platform and all that your team does keep things moving, updated, and connected.”

— Abby

"I am so impressed..."


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The fine print...

Like anything in life, your results are generally proportional to the effort that you put in. Sweat equity matters! We cannot and do not guarantee any particular financial or business outcomes. We make no promises that you will achieve any results using any of the ideas, tools, strategies, or recommendations presented in the Inner Circle Experience program, and nothing on this website is a promise or guarantee to you of any such results. Any examples of income earned by others or testimonials about this program are not meant as a promise or guarantee of your own earnings or success.